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Gift Items


I produce a number of gift items featuring my artwork.  All items are made to order and I can make any item with any design according to your requirements.  Please choose your design from the gallery and then choose the item(s) you would like




Coasters - 9cm diameter 3.00


Set Options
Design Name
2nd Design name










Small Keyrings - 5 x 3.5 cm image 1.75

Design Name













Large Magnets -7 x 4.5 cm image 2.25

Design Name





Small Magnets - 5 x 3.5 cm image 1.75
Design Name




Notelets - A6 size 4 per Pack 4.00

Design Name











Sticker Packs 1.00 (per pack of 5 stickers)

Sticker Sets






10 x 8 inch Prints 5.50

Design Name




















To go to gallery page please Click on the image :


If you can't see what you are looking for, please e-mail me and I shall do my best to help you.



Gift Items Available - Prices are inclusive of Postage and Packing in the UK.

A6 Notelets - 4pack   4.00


Coasters                 3.00 each


Large Keyrings         2.25 each


Small Keyrings         1.75 each


Large Magnets         2.25 each


Small Magnets         1.75 each


Children T-Shirts      6.99 each


Adult T-Shirts         10.99 each


Children's Sweatshirts  10.99


Adult Sweatshirts    14.50 each


Cotton Bags           4.99 each


10x8 inch Prints      5.50 each


Order using the 'Add to Cart' buttons or e-mail your requirements to:


I have paypal and am happy to recieve payment in this way.  Or I can put the items on ebay for you.



















Jessica Muckelt Animal Sketches