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Jessica Muckelt

Animal Sketches

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 Cat Drawings 



Dogs Drawings:




 Retrievers (Goldies and Labradors)




 Other Gundogs (Except Spaniels and Retrievers)






 Toy and Utility Dogs


 Working and Pastoral (Except Collies)





 Horse and Other Equine Drawings


 Wild Animal Drawings


 Bird and Owl Drawings


 Small Furries Drawings (Rabbits, Ferrets, Lemurs)


 Reptile Drawings


 Farm Animal Drawings








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All my drawings are drawn from photographs, some of which I have taken myself and others given to me by the owners of their pets, when ordering a commission



Original Drawings/Commissions are:


 25 - 10x8 Mounted

40 - 12x16 Mounted


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Jessica Muckelt

C/O 32 Soutergate



LA12 7ER






Jessica Muckelt Animal Sketches